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Part of the 'fill my life with stuff so I don't have time to be depressed' plan is to lose some weight - not a lot, I haven't been eating myself into oblivion but when you love cooking AND go to cornwall for Easter your bound to come back slightly more... cuddely than before!


  • Graze.com - a company that will POST you your lunch at work, had one already - the toasted nuts were scrummy
  • Spark People - a food tracking weight loss site - very easy to use and their ipod touch app is great, perfect when you're on the move.
  • Physics Diet - a site that works out your moving average of weight,

My chart

And naturally, no weight lost attempt is complete without a hula girl on a beach....

Padstow Harbour

Padstow Harbour
Originally uploaded by Amy Kate
A photo from our Easter trip to Padstow, wonderful weather, the perfect opportunity to play with my new camera.

Conclusion: my new Canon g10 is lovely!

I love the reflection of the cloud in this shot, the harbour was so still. I originally thought the post in the bottom-right corner was a bad thing, but now I look at the image again I rather like that black, industrial full stop.

Easter holidays

So here I am again, blogging. Life isn't going particularly well right now, the beloved left me in rather bizzare circumstances which I'll go into another time, so I'm back living at home full time with all my plans for my life in ruins. Lovely...

So now what? I honostly have no idea what to do with myself - except wanting to scream all the time, which is neither helpful or productive - so onwards till something better presents itself.

I am NOT going to end up bitter, twisted and alone, see, I have made a decision, maybe I'm not that hopeless afterall!

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View from my office window


Looks good doesn't it :-) We've been here months now, starting to feel like home.


p.s. writing this in Microsoft's Windows Live Writer... lets see what it can do >shrug<

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Amdram...Hobson's Choise

I have got a part in Hobson's Choice - the next Mortimer Dramatic Society's production!

So, time to start learning lines :-)

First rehearsal on Thursday

More later!


The time has come people for me to declutter my life!

I know I have made this vow more than once... but this time I mean it

Step 1 - put some photos up on here of the mess my life is in so I'm motivated to have lovely, clean, 'after' shots up soon :-)

By 'life' I mean everything, clutter, weight, projects, committements, email spam, reduce the number of domains I have, be more organised in life.

Wish me luck people!

But... will doing this fill this emptyness in me? Probiably not, but if I'm going to be wallowing in self pity I might as well wallow in a clean and tidy life!


Quick catch up

So what have I been doing this year?

The beloved and I broke up - bad
We're off to see Mitch Benn on sunday in london - good
The last MDS production went really well - good
Internal dramatic society politics are simering - good and bad

So, all in all I guess that makes this a good year so far, shame it doesn't feel like it,


It's pretty!

Yes I've not been payign attention here for weeks but I've just seen the new layouts etc. - so much better looking than the other styles!



Am I a nerd?

NerdTests.com says I&apos;m a Kinda Dorky Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

not as nerdy as I thought....


Summer Heat, Summer Freeze

Why oh why is it, when it's nice a warm outsite the powers that be insist on turning the air con up to full and freezing the workforce?

If it's warm outside, that does not mean I want to be colder today that I was on Friday when it wasn't warm outside - the day the office wasn't a frozen wasteland of jumpered minions, but a comfortable temperature.

I have things to programme, programming needs fingers that will type as commanded by my brain, not fingers so cold that I'm scared of such complex key-presses as ctl-[ incase I snap one off!

All hail tea and non-air-conned bathrooms, toasty warm in there :-)